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These terms and conditions of sale have been written using plain English. Please read them carefully as they will form the basis of any contract between Boss Stairs and you, the Customer. If any part of these terms and conditions of sale is not clearly understood then you should either ask for clarification from the Company or seek independent legal advice.


The “Company" means Boss Stairs Limited, Registered offices No6 Brook Park, Gaddesby Lane, Rearsby Leicestershire LE7 4ZB United Kingdom.

email:  Telephone: 02476 610160

The “Customer" means any person, company or third party as detailed in the Contract. The Customer’s address and contact details are as detailed in the Contract.
The “Goods" means any goods or services, which are the subject of the Contract.
The “Contract" means a legally binding agreement whereby the Customer agrees to purchase Goods from The Company as detailed on the Company’s invoice.
The “Order" means a purchase order, either verbal or written, given by the Customer to the Company to Contract for the Goods under these Terms & Conditions of sale.

The “Carrier” means any third party transport nominated by the Company to deliver the Goods to the Customer.

Site Surveys : In order for the Company to provide a pre-survey quotation, the Customer must first provide CAD drawings and or plans together with all relevant measurements and a detailed specification of the works required. If the Customer accepts the Company’s pre-survey quotation, and on the condition that all necessary measurements can be taken, a free site survey is offered to Customers who proceed to Order staircase Goods from the Company for installation within the UK., excluding Northern Ireland. Should the Order be cancelled or fail to be placed within 4 weeks of the date of the survey for whatever reason then the Customer will become liable for the full cost of the survey at £250 + VAT plus all travel and hotel expenses incurred by the Company in the process of conducting the survey. Travel will be charged at the rate of £0.50 per mile from the Company’s offices to site and back plus accommodation if required. All survey costs will be invoiced to the Customer and this invoice will be due for payment within 7 days. Site surveys outside of the UK will be chargeable in full at the rate of £300 per day, plus travel & accommodation if required.

Quotations: The Company’s quotations are valid for 30 days, subject to continued availability* of the specific products in the marketplace. A quotation does not constitute an offer to Contract and the Company reserves the right to withdraw a quotation at any time. Where quotations are based on information provided by the Customer, such quotations are subject to the accuracy of that information supplied. Pre-survey quotations may be revised following a site survey. The Company is a trade business and as such all prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

*Due to COVID there are currently National shortages of many materials. The price of some imported timber increased by 23% from June - July 2021 and until the situation returns to normal the Contract price will only be confirmed at the time of Order.

Drawing, Images, Sizes & Measurements: All drawings supplied by the Company are the © copyright of BOSS Stairs and cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any format whatsoever without prior Notice from the Company. All measurements shown on pre-survey drawings are for quotation purposes only and final dimensions will only be confirmed after receipt of Order. Where measurements are supplied by the Customer, the Company will not be responsible for any discrepancies. A machining tolerance of + / - 5% is allowed. It is a condition of the

Acceptance of Order: The Order will be accepted as a Contract at the discretion of the Company and subject solely to these Terms & Conditions of Sale, which supersede and prevail over all other terms or conditions contained in, or referred to, in the Order or in any other correspondence or documents from the Customer unless agreed in specific Notice by the Company.

Terms of Payment: The terms of payment for the Contract are 50% deposit with Order, 45% payable prior to delivery of Goods to site and the balance payable in cleared funds on the day of completion. Terms for Supply only contracts are 100% with order. Terms for stone Contracts are as stated in the Contract.

Subcontractors: The Company reserves the right to sub-contract all or any part of the Contract for the manufacture, supply, installation and/or finishing of the Goods. Where a subcontractor is engaged by the Company to fulfil the Contract, or part thereof, the Customer hereby agrees not to enter into any contract of any description, directly or indirectly with that subcontractor or any persons employed, directly or indirectly by that subcontractor.

Title/Risk: Title in the Goods will pass to the Customer when the Company receives full payment for the Contract, and that payment has entered the Company’s bank account as cleared funds. Risk in the Goods will pass to the Customer immediately on collection of the Goods by the Customer or their servant from the Company’s premises or upon Delivery to the Customer by the Carrier. Until Title in the Goods has passed to the Customer the Company shall have the right to enter upon the Customer’s premises or any other site or premises to recover the Goods.

Building Regulations & Compliance: The Company will use its best endeavours to ensure all staircase Goods are manufactured to comply fully with current UK building regulations. However, it is the Customer’s responsibility to check the suitability of the Goods with their building inspector prior to placing any order with the Company. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for third party designs. Should the Customer Order a design that falls outside of the relevant regulations or has chosen not to accept the Company’s recommendations then the Company will not be liable for any resulting consequences.

Samples/Colour/Appearance : The Company’s samples, photographs and images are representative of type only and no guarantee or warranty is offered or implied as to the precise colour, pattern and/or appearance.

Delivery Dates: The Company will use its best endeavours to deliver the Goods on time. However, delivery dates, where specified by the Company, are best estimates only and are of no contractual significance. In the event of any delay, the Company will contact the Customer and agree an alternative delivery date. In the event of any delay the Company will not accept cancellation of the Contract nor pay any penalty to the Customer or any other third parties. Should the Customer be unable to accept delivery of the Goods on the agreed date for whatever reason, any outstanding balance must be paid into the Company’s bank account in cleared funds on or by the agreed delivery date. Thereafter, the Company will store the Goods free of charge for a period of 2 weeks, after which the Company reserves the right to make a charge for storage and insurance of the Goods at the rate of £100 per flight, per week or part thereof. No Goods will be allowed out of storage until all storage charges have been paid by cleared funds into the Company’s bank account.

Delivery Restrictions: Many small streets have weight, height and / or delivery time restrictions that may require the dispatch of a special delivery vehicle. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inform the Company prior to delivery if any such restrictions apply. The Customer will be held responsible for all delivery costs if the delivery address is inaccessible due to restrictions that have not been made known to the Company. The Customer hereby agrees to pay the Company for any penalties that are incurred by the Carrier due to: street blockage by delivery vehicle; unloading taking longer than allowed by authorities; parking violations of any kind that occur while the vehicle is unloading at the Customers location. Where site conditions dictate, it is the Customers responsibility to provide sufficient manual labour to assist in off loading the Goods.

Installation of Goods: The Company accepts no liability for any issues relating to the installation of the staircase Goods unless the Customer Contracts with the Company direct for installation services. Under no circumstances will the Company be responsible for any remedial building, plastering or decorating works and unless otherwise stated, quotations for the Installation of staircase Goods do not include for the removal of any existing staircase(s), Aprons, Trimming of staircase well openings or soffits to undersides thereof, or finishing or painting to any new timber. Quotations for installation of staircase Goods assumes fitting to a pre-formed stair well opening and that all surfaces to be fixed to are sound, clean, dry and perfectly square and flat. Any surfaces that are not may require additional works prior to installation, and this will chargeable to the Customer at the rate of £50 per man hour plus materials. Where walls are not square or flat then gaps between walls and staircases are inevitable and acceptable. In any event, some gapping may be necessary in order to fit the staircase. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure the structural integrity of all supporting joists within the building and to provide any scaffolding required. Should the Company arrive on site to carry out a pre-booked installation and find that the site conditions are unsuitable for whatever reason then the Customer will be immediately liable for all costs incurred by the Company, including but not limited to time, travel and accommodation. Throughout the installation the Customer agrees to ensure that no other trades persons will impede the Company’s progress. In the event that the Company is asked to stop installation work for whatever reason then a ‘time out fee’ will chargeable to the Customer at the rate of £50 per man hour. During installation the Company will provide tread protection covers. These covers are solely for the Company’s benefit and are not designed to protect the staircase from accidental damage caused by any third party. Upon completion of installation these covers will be removed and it is then the Customers responsibility to inspect the Goods and the Company’s workmanship, to sign off the Contract as being completed and pay the final balance.

Supply Only Goods: It is the Customers sole responsibility to inspect the Goods on delivery and prior to the commencement of any installation work as no complaint will be considered, and no right of refund or return will exist once the Goods have been installed or used or altered in any way whatsoever. On inspection, if the Customer considers the Goods, or any part of the Goods, to be defective or short delivered, then the Customer must give Notice to the Company within 24 hours of delivery /collection, providing a full description of any issues in line with the Complaints Notice below.

Timber Goods:  Timber Goods are natural products and as such, variations in colour and appearance are the norm. Some timber Goods may contain sapwood, which is acceptable unless expressly excluded in the Contract and curved handrails my show colour variations on each section. Some timbers may exhibit sound knots and/or natural marks which are acceptable. The Customer should note that all timber Goods will undergo significant colour changes when a finish is applied and the Customer’s choice of finishing product will determine the outcome. When exposed to changes in temperature or humidity, Timber Goods may be subject to expansion or contraction which can occasionally cause movement, gapping or cracking. This is perfectly normal and the Company will not be liable for any such movements, nor for any damage or movements caused by subsidence on site or by exposure to excessive heat, cold, damp, humidity or flooding, either in situ or in storage. Hardwood treads, newel posts and stringers may be laminated or jointed to obtain required dimensions. Similarly, where thin sizes/sections are required e.g. for stair risers or aprons, then veneered plywood or MDF may be used as thin sections of hardwood are unstable and may crack or warp. Curved stringers will be made up from laminated sections of Plywood or MDF and painted or veneered according to specification.

Glass Goods: Customers should take note that Toughened Glass does not have the same optical clarity as that of the glass from which it is produced. In line with The Glass & Glazing Federation’s guidelines, “Toughened safety glass shall be deemed acceptable if the following phenomena are neither obtrusive nor bunched: hairlines or blobs; fine scratches not more than 25mm long; minute imbedded particles. Obtrusiveness of blemishes shall be judged by looking through the glass, not at it, when standing at right angles to it on the room side at a distance of not less than 3 metres in natural daylight and not in direct sunlight. The same shall apply to Laminated Glass”. Thick Glass may exhibit  faint green/blue tint, which is acceptable and can only be eliminated by using Low Ion Glass.

Customers Responsibility: The Customer, or their authorised representative, must be present on site at all times during the installation of the Goods. Upon completion of the installation, the Customer must inspect the Goods and make payment in cleared funds of the balance due prior to the Company’s installers leaving site.

Complaints: All complaints must be sent by Notice to the Company. On receipt of any such complaint the Company will contact the Customer to arrange for the Goods to be examined. If, in the Company’s opinion, the Goods or the workmanship are defective, then the Company must be allowed reasonable time to rectify the defect without penalty. The Company’s decision in all such matters shall be final.

Cancellation: Cancellation of the Contract must be made in Notice to the Company. Upon receipt of such, the Customer will become immediately liable for payment of all the costs incurred by the Company in fulfilling the contract up to receipt of the Notice of cancellation. Such costs shall include but not be restricted to; designs, templates, engineers reports, labour, materials, survey and site visits. All staircase Goods are bespoke, made to measure and as such no right of return or credit will exist under The Sale of Goods Act.

Notice: Any notices must be in writing and sent to the contact address, as detailed in the Contract, by email or by recorded post. No other notice shall be of any contractual value. Where possible it should be considered good practice to give prior notice by word of mouth, telephone or text. However, such prior notice will not be of any contractual value. For the purpose of the Contract, Notice will have been served within 24 hours of the sending of an email or recorded post on any working day.

Intellectual Property: The Company retains all rights and intellectual property to all staircase designs, drawings, plans and to any photographs of the Goods. All staircase designs, drawings, plans and/or images supplied, or photographs taken by the Company, or appearing on the Company’s website are the © copyright of BOSS Stairs Limited and cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any format whatsoever without prior Notice from the Company. The Customer hereby agrees to permit the Company to use any such photographs of the Goods for publication on the Company website, in advertisements or in sales literature that may be produced by the Company from time to time.

Indemnity & Liability: The Company will not be liable for any losses that were actually unforeseeable to the parties when the Contact was formed, for losses not caused by the Company’s breach of the Contract or for any business losses. In any event the Company’s liability will be limited to the total value of the Contract. The Customer shall indemnify the Company in respect of all loss, damage or injury occurring to any person, firm, company, sub-contractor or property and against all actions, suits, claims and demands, charges or expenses in connection therewith for which the Company may become liable in respect of the Goods in the event that such loss, damage, or injury shall have been occasioned by the negligence of the Customer or a third party employed by the Customer.

Jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. If any one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions are adjudged by any Court to be unfair then only that provision(s) will be unenforceable and the remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.


© Boss Stairs Limited September 2021