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Oak Stairs.  Walnut Stairs.  Stone Stairs.  Helical Stairs.  Spiral Stairs.  


“The Stair Case was a really important element of our extension and refurbishment. Having been under whelmed with the levels of enthusiasm and ideas from local suppliers we contact BOSS as we had seen some really clever ideas on their website.  We instantly hit it off with Peter, who got what we were trying to do and helped us come up with a solution that fitted our budget.

Living in Berkshire we were slightly nervous about dealing with a company as far away as Leicester but it never became an issue.

The initial site visit was arranged quickly. Boss came up with some tweaks and ideas and supplied a final contractual price within days. Deposit paid, a date was set for fixing (which Boss do themselves – not the case with all suppliers of stairs). 5 weeks later the stairs arrive on time and are installed (in a single day). Templates are then taken for the glass balustrade which is fitted with the final finishing touches 2 weeks later. 

Between first fix and 2nd they even added a few extra features which weren’t on the original spec ‘because it would look better’. 

Brilliant! A company that really cares about the finished product and does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it, for the price it has quoted. “

Mr and Mrs Chapman


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